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Elected Leadership

Who is the Senate?

Appointed Leadership

President Pro Tempore

Wil Crawford

Wil Crawford attends school at East Central University. 
You can contact Pres. Pro Crawford at

President Pro Tempore

Nynnett Gonzalez

Nynnett Gonzalez attends school at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She was elected during the Spring 2018 Regular Session and will serve until the end of the Spring 2019 Regular Session. You can contact Deputy Pres. Pro Gonzalez at

Welcome to the O.I.L. Senate!


The Senate is the smaller, more intimate, more formal house of the legislative branch.


The President Pro Tempore and the Deputy President Tempore are the elected leaders that preside over the Senate, but the Lt. Governor is the true President of the Senate. The Floor Leaders are the highest ranking appointed offices in the Senate.


As you browse you will find resources that will help you prepare for session. Officer appointments, Orders of the Day, Committee Assignments, etc. will be posted prior to and during session.


If you see errors, need any assistance, or have any concerns, please let me know.


I’m always available to answer your questions at

Standing Rules of the Senate

Spring 2019 Leadership


The Leadership Application is currently closed.  It will be reopened as needed to fill vacancies and in preparation for the 1st Session of the 51st Legislature.

— Pres Pro Crawford and Deputy Gonzalez

Click here for the Spring 2019 Leadership Application