Welcome to the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature!

1st Session of the 49th Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature

About Us

Established in 1969 the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (OIL) is the largest and one of the oldest intercollegiate student legislatures in the United States. George Nigh, then-Lieutenant Governor of the State of Oklahoma, started the OIL “to provide an organization in which students can learn the legislative process and practical problems of state government” (Preamble, OIL Constitution).

Forty years later, these goals continue to be accomplished each semester, as hundreds of students from around the state gather to simulate the governmental process. Students can participate in the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Executive Branch, the Supreme Court, and most recently, the OIL Press Corps.

In addition to hands-on learning about Oklahoma’s legislative and political processes, students also have the opportunity to learn the meaning of servant leadership. OIL's delegations participate in service projects that directly reach out and positively impact their local communities, teaching the delegates about how important public service truly is.

OIL remains non-partisan while facilitating discussion on today’s pressing issues.

The primary purpose of OIL is educational, and it does not lobby for or against any issues, political parties, or candidates.


Welcome from the Governor

For almost 50 years OIL has championed political efficacy and leadership in Oklahoma's college students, and we're excited to share this mission with you! We have delegations over to the Panhandle, down to Durant, and all in between. Every student from any walk of life is welcome in OIL. It's my mission as Governor to foster an inclusive and educational experience for every member. Our program continues to grow with over 200 students, 16 delegations, and thousands of alumni. If you or your organization would benefit from our work, please contact me anytime. --Governor Shatwell