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Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature!

Who We Are

The Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (O.I.L.) is a student-run mock government that replicates all three branches of the state government of Oklahoma.


Founded under the administration of former Governor George Nigh and now in its fiftieth year, O.I.L. provides students from institutions of higher learning across the state an opportunity to write, debate, and pass legislation about the issues they believe are important.


Besides the mock legislature, O.I.L. also contains a mock executive branch, moot court, and a press corps. Any students interested in politics, law, or government process will find the networking opportunities, experiences, and friends they are looking for at O.I.L.

Welcome from the Governor

Alumni Registry

Hello, and welcome to the website for the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature! O.I.L. aims to prepare and develop its delegates to become future leaders for our local communities, state, country, and world as well as instilling a sense of community service, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to help lead the students of O.I.L. through its 50th year of existence.


Click around the various tabs and links to learn a little more about us and feel free to contact myself or any other executive member should you want additional information.


Corey Shirey, Governor