Senate Beef

Thuy Newborne

Nov. 17, 2018.

Senate Bill No. NWOSU-005

Senator Cory Shirey demanded that meat/ commodities should be labeled. The new law passed by Senate and House last night requires that “retailer of a covered commodity shall inform consumers in this state, at the final point of sale of the covered commodity to consumers, of the country of origin of the covered commodity. Any covered commodity that is sold in this state shall, as it is packaged, include a label stating the country of origin of the covered commodity.” The bill warned retailers that if they do not follow this new law that they are penalized with a fined of fifty dollars ($50) per item that is not appropriately labeled.

This bill will be cutting down a forest to accommodate the needs of Senator Shirey. This is not an opinion, but a simple fact. The author wants all covered commodity that is sold to have an extra label on it, but it does ensure a safety factor to all consumers. Senator Shirey included in the bill that “the State Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry shall notify all retailers of a covered commodity is believed to have contracted or been infected with any disease or other imperfection that would risk the health of a consumer and what nation those covered commodities originated in.” The bill was not swayed by House members until Senator Shirey included a penalty section and the voting on it was a sweeping “yes” in favor of the bill. Senator was also rewarded with the song of the great Oklahoma nation which are not given out to Senate bills. However, it is Senator Corey Shirey; exceptions were made.