House of Representatives

"The True Voice of the People"

Heads of the House

Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House

Ashley Billups

The Speaker is the Chief Executive Officer of the House of Representatives. As such, they appoint all leadership positions within the House, assigns members to committees, and is the primary chairperson of the House.

Speaker Pro Tempore

Speaker Pro Tempore

Marcus Heald

The Speaker Pro Tempore assists the Speaker in ensuring the House flows smoothly, and also chair the House Activities Council.

About the House

The House of Representatives is the larger house of the legislative branch. The Speaker of the House and the Speaker Pro Tempore are the elected leaders that preside over the House, and the Floor Leader and Chief Clerk Administrator are the highest ranking appointed offices in the House.

Like the U.S. House of Representatives, the membership of the house is based on population. Each delegation gets to bring a certain number of people based on the size of their school’s enrollment.

All of the legislation that is discussed in the House is written by the members of the organization. This allows the legislative branch to provide an immersive experience in the legislative process. Bills are put through the full legislative process. They start in committees, are heard on the floor of both houses of the legislature, and then are transferred the Governor’s desk for final approval or veto.

Orders of the Day is what we call the schedule of what legislation the House is going hear any particular day.

You can access the House Orders of the Day by CLICKING HERE.