Top 5 Recess Activities to Partake in at O.I.L.

Kelsey Briggs

Nov 16, 2018.

5. Bathroom Breaks.

We have all had the shameless bathroom dance once the chamber is sealed and nature is calling. Take advantage of your alone time during recess but don’t be late for roll call!

#4. EAT

Snacks are your best friend at recess. Sure water is a life necessity but nothing beats the feeling of feeding your screaming stomach after you finish screaming at fellow delegates about their loud caucusing in the chamber.


Table 1: Meme courtesy of Jose Osorto (ORU)

#3. Walk Around

Let’s not forget that we are in a building made with MARBLE floors and CEILINGS. Yes, marble, that’s basically like stepping into a Kardashian home. Take a short tour and catch your breath.


#2. Power Nap

Sessions are long and gruesome. Find yourself a cozy chair, set an alarm, and catch those z’s. Recharge your mind to be more involved!


#1. Make Pals.

Being lonely is very sad while excused to recess, make a pal and discuss what just happened in chamber. Remember to love on your pals whose bill you just shot down. Have fun and remember to keep the competition healthy. Hug your pals!