Attorney General

Attorney General

Kimberley Bishop

Deputy Attorney General

Deputy Attorney General

Tessa Martin

Associate Attorney General

Associate Attorney General

Wil Crawford

What We Do

The Office of the Attorney General performs a variety of important functions within the organization, which include (among others):

  • Serving as the chair of the Election Commission and a member of O.I.L.’s Steering Committee

  • Representing the organization in front of its courts if it is party to any internal disputes

  • Issuing opinions regarding the operations of the organization when called upon by a member of the organization

  • Assisting delegations in the formulation of legislation

  • Reviewing all legislation that is passed by both legislative bodies before it is presented to the Governor for signature or approval

  • Serving on the panel of three charged with determining the winners of the OIL Journalism Competition

  • And more!
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