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The Supreme Court of the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature is the highest judicial power in the organization.


The Court’s main function is to run the moot court competition, where counselors compete as either the petitioner or respondent of a moot appellate court case.


In addition, the Court is responsible for handling internal OIL lawsuits, where one member of OIL can sue another for violating OIL laws. In the event that the defendant is a member of the OIL leadership, the Attorney General acts as the lead defense attorney.


The Court has the final say on what the law is and their decisions are binding.


The Chief Justice is the chief administrative officer of the Judicial Branch, and is assisted by a Vice Chief Justice and seven Associate Justices, all of whom are appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate. 


Similarly to the Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma, each justice is placed on the ballot for a “retention” vote every other session from when they were appointed. Unless they fail a retention vote, each justice will serve until they either choose to leave the Court, or until they graduate.

Vice Chief Justice

Izaak Thompson

Associate Justice

Kathrine Kleiner

Associate Justice

Ben Garrett

Associate Justice

Sophie Machalec

Associate Justice

Matthew Nieman

Associate Justice

Will Flanagan

Associate Justice

Cathryn Massing

Associate Justice