Senate Committees

Position Descriptions

Here you will find a description of all the various leadership positions you can apply for as part of the Senate Leadership Application.

All assistant positions will work directly alongside whomever has been appointed to the position they are assisting. While different positions will necessarily have different expectations and duties for assistants, those serving in such a role should be prepared to takeover at any time as well as be present and ready to fulfill various job-related tasks. If interested in one of these positions, please read the position’s main description below.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Senate Journal and other records required for the orderly administration of the Senate. The Secretary shall maintain a copy of the O.I.L. Constitution certified as correct by the Secretary of State, a copy of the Senate Standing Rules, a copy of amendments to the Standing Rules, a copy of the parliamentary authority incorporated in the Standing Rules. Any other pertinent documents as determined by the President Pro Tempore.


Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian should be well-versed in Robert’s Rules of Order and be prepared to answer questions regarding proper procedure.


President’s Clerk: The President’s Clerk directly assists the President Pro Tempore by keeping track of time and drawing up lists (debate list and questions to the author).


Legal Counsel: Provide Legal Counsel in the case that Senate Leadership is being sued in the OIL internal court system.

Floor Leader: At the President Pro Tempore’s discretion, the Floor Leader is responsible for making committee assignments, determining the order in which legislation is considered by the Body, and creating the Consent Calendar. The Senate Floor Leader will coordinate with the House Floor Leader to ensure the smooth transition of bills from one chamber to the other.


Freshman Liaison: There shall be one Head Freshman Liaison and two Assistant Freshman Liaisons. The duties of a Freshman Liaison include creating a warm, inviting environment for new members as well as always being available as a resource. They will assist the Freshmen with the selection of the Freshman Bill and be present in chambers while it is being heard.


Sergeant’s At Arms: Sergeants-at-Arms shall assist the chair with maintaining order and decorum in the chamber.