House of Representatives

"The True Voice of the People"

Elected Leadership

Who is the House?

Appointed Leadership

Speaker of the House

Andrew LaFramboise


Andrew LaFramboise attends school at the University of Oklahoma. 


Speaker Pro Tempore

Jessie Hickey

Jessie Hickey attends school at Oklahoma State University.


Welcome to the O.I.L. House!


The House is the larger house of the legislative branch.


The Speaker of the House and the Speaker Pro Tempore are the elected leaders that preside over the House. The Floor Leaders are the highest ranking appointed offices in the House.


As you browse you will find resources that will help you prepare for session. Officer appointments, Orders of the Day, Committee Assignments, etc. will be posted prior to and during session.


If you see errors, need any assistance, or have any concerns, please let me know. I’m always available to answer your questions!

Floor Leader: Noah Murphy (OSU)

Assistant: Chris Bluth (OU)


Chief Clerk: Jessie Hickey (OSU)

Assistant: Brendon Martin (ORU)

Assistant: Tripp Swiderski (OSU)


Freshman Liaison: Alex Courtney (ECU)

Assistant: Lacey Hickey (OSU)

Assistant: Kahleah Brown (ORU)

Assistant: Hunter McCans (OU)

Assistant: Sarah Sparks (ORU)

Assistant: Ashley Schultz (OSU)

Assistant: Aleah LaForce (ORU)


Legislative Counsel: Camille Schlemme (OU)

Assistant: Kristen Martin (OSU)

Assistant: Kiaralexis Rodgers (OSU)


Parliamentarian: Shayla Powers (OU)

Assistant: Craig Slagle (OSU)


Sergeant-At-Arms: Cody Bowen (ECU)

Assistant: Logan Slane (OU)

Assistant: Zach Bonham (OSU)